Online Registration

Friday 29 September 2023: Please note the registration team is now moving to Kariba in preparation for KITFT. Forms will be available before the tournament and registration will continue at NAU Charara, online registrations will no longer be accepted.

Thanks for your interest in entering the Kariba International Tiger Fish Tournamnet (KITFT) 2023. You will need a number of things prior to completing this form:

  • Boat names, registration numbers and make.
  • Names, ID details, contact details, medical aid provider and membership number, next of kin name and contact details and NAUZ membership number (required for Zimbabwean residents only) for ALL team members.
  • Proof of payment of your entry fee (or you can choose to pay at registration). The entry fee shall be US$400 for a team of two, US$550 for a team of four. There is a further charge of US$50 per reserve*.  KITFT CABS Nostro Account number: 1128861615 Please put your Team Name as your Reference

A member of your team, usually the Captain, will be required to sign the Agreement section of this form on the behalf of all team members.

* Please note entry fees for international and SADC teams differ due to National Parks tiered tariffs. Contact us for pricing.

KITFT'23 is brought to you in association with