KITFT 2023 – Day Three


KITFT 2023 – Day Three


Team Results Day Three (Final Results)

KITFT 2023 - Teams Result Day Three (Final Results)

wdt_IDPositionNameCatch CountTotal Points
11stCharter X Thuli Petroleum5789.34
22ndHyena Sunrisers4289.22
33rdFins Fishing6078.81
44thZambezi Drift3974.38
55thPolachem Agri Anglers5471.68
66thShereni Transport5069.07
88thFossil Group4663.56
99thFin Hook5159.08
PositionNameCatch CountTotal Points

Angler Results Day Three (Final Results)

KITFT 2023 - Anglers Results Day Three (Final Results)

wdt_IDPositionNameTeamCatch CountTotal Points
11stColin BurlHyena Sunrisers2052.81
22ndAngus LightPolachem Agri Anglers2940.59
33rdKyle RosaPakaipa2430.91
44thShiloh SwartCharter X Thuli Petroleum1729.47
55thCraig BondCharter X Thuli Petroleum1628.05
66thSean WheelerCharter B Dairibord2327.96
77thPardon PepukaiFin Hook2027.06
88thGraeme FinaughtyFins Fishing2226.50
99thJosiah MutsvungumaFossil Group2225.94
1010thRaymond FinaughtyFins Fishing1725.89
PositionNameTeamCatch CountTotal Points

Highlights Video

The Start at Charara Point 06:00 Day Three

Friday 13 October

06:00 Start of KITFT 2023 Day Three (Final Day)

The tournament will run from 06:00hrs to 16:30.

16:30 Weigh Bay Closes

Last entry to Weigh bay gate is strictly 16:30, the gate will be locked at 16:30 sharp.

16:30 Onwards

Weigh Bay proceedings

19:00 Sharp - Main Prize Giving, Main Sweepstakes and Random Prize Draws and Live Entertainment

Come to the long bar arena and enjoy the line up of live entertainment and prize giving. Please note: You have to be present in long bar arena in order to receive a Sweepstakes Prize - a no show results in a redraw.