The Tournament Event

This year’s tournament, we are trying to incorporate more of a festival atmosphere to make it a more inclusive tournament to everyone involved.

We have partnered up with Davies Events to ensure that our vision has a professional company to make sure it will run smoothly. The plan this year is to make the weigh bay and scores more interactive and to keep the crowd involved throughout the process.

Anglers will still go through the traditional weigh bay process, however, this year it will be set up behind the stage in the Long Bar area. Once teams have synced their catch at their designated weigh bay they will filter through into the main Long Bar area where big screens will be displaying live scores as teams sync. Teams can then order their drinks from the long bar whilst we wait to weigh in the Top 10. 

The Top 10 teams will have a sectioned off space on the dance floor area in front of the stage where they will wait whilst the rest of the teams sync their catch. They will be served drinks in this area by the bar staff. Once we are ready to weigh in the Top 10, this process will take place in order from 10th down to 1st. The teams will be called up onto the stage where they will run through their days catch and their scores will go live onto the leader-board to show where they place overall.