The Keepnet App

This year the tournament will be solely run using the Keepnet Weigh Bay system. Every angler that is participating will be required to download the Keepnet App onto their phones which will be used to record every catch made throughout the tournament.

How To Use the App:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the app before you arrive in Kariba
  • At registration, make sure you get your unique login password from the Keepnet team
  • Login and check over with a member of Keepnet staff that the info is correct on the app for your team
  • Ideally, have 2 working phones on the boat to record your catches (you can log in on as many phones as you like with your team password)
  • Once the fish is ready on the mat to be recorded: OPEN the app, select ADD FISH and begin the video of clearly showing the mouth upon the aluminum frame and the reading of where the fork of the tail sits. Call out the cm and angler name, clearly show the release of the fish and the fish successfully swimming away. STOP the video, ADD length and SELECT angler. Then you are done until the next fish is ready to be added.
  • All your fish will appear on your MY NET page on the app.

Once teams come in to the weigh bay, as before, they will select which sponsored weigh bay they would like to weigh through and proceed to sync their phones at that weigh bay. Once the team is happy that all their fish have successfully been captured they will filter on through into the Long Bar area where there are big screens to show the day’s catch.