100% Catch & Release


This year’s KITFT will be, for the first time ever, 100% catch and release and we couldn’t be more excited and proud of the change to this historic event. There are many reasons why this tournament needs to be a C&R tournament and we believe with a few years to come the change will be evident in the fishing itself. 

Another major change to this year’s tournament is the measurement aspect of the scoring process. As opposed to the previous weighing of the fish which keeps the fish out of the water for longer, we believe that a faster, more efficient method of recording the data will be through placing the fish on a measuring mat, reading the length and releasing the fish. With the many years of data recorded for this tournament and for the tigerfish species we have come up with a formula that equates a length in cm to a number of points. This equation is applied across the board and it is the same for every angler that uses the app.